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equestrian mas paguina

Horse riding school Mas Paguina

Horse riding Mas Paguina.We guarantee almost 50 years in the sector. Our long experience, family service and dedicated and quality care makes us always maintain a lasting relationship with all our clients.

We are located in an unbeatable natural spot and we offer the possibility of discovering it in a different way.

hipica mas paguina en la Costa Brava

Hípica Mas Paguina · Camí de la gola, 43 · 17258 L’Estartit (Girona)

info@hipicamaspaguina.com +34 972 751 472  www.hipicamaspaguina.com

hípica equus Empordà
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Equus Empordà

The story begins far in 2007 after years of traveling abroad and our country finally decided to place me close to home.

After more than a year for land, works, papers etcetera, we opened our club in November 2009 with the illusion to create a special atmosphere for our guests and animals. A space designed for lovers of riding in general, where they and we could enjoy the best of our fans.

It all started with a small group of six horses to the current number exceeds 30 heads. The farm now covers 3.5 hectares.

Our teaching philosophy is based on learned to love and understand animals in a manner harmonious with the surroundings for granted following two basic guidelines: natural training and dressage training scale.

Equus Empordà · Masos d’Albons, s/n · 17136 Albons (Girona)

info@equusemporda.com +34 649 567 539  www.equusemporda.com

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